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All monetary donations to First Methodist of Lockhart, Texas are tax deductible.

  Communion Rail Offering

For December, let's collect the communion altar rail offering and divide it equally to two organizations:

Waco Methodist Children's Home's was founded in 1890 as a nonprofit childcare ministry affiliated with the six United Methodist Annual Conferences of Texas and New Mexico.  Today, MCH serves children and youth through residential programs on the Waco campus and Boys Ranch, and through foster care, transition services and a variety of services in communities throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Providence Place started in 1895 as a refuge for women and children who were the neediest in our community. Back then the Methodist churches and the Methodist conference joined to provide food, shelter and adoption services to vulnerable women. Providence Place expanded the adoption services to include foster care adoption and foster care and in 2020 opened a residential program for young women who are aging out of foster care. These young women live in an apartment setting and practice independent living and employment skills until they are ready to transition into the community successfully and independently.  

Please enter the amount in the "Communion Rail Offering" box on the donation form. Or if giving by cash or check, please include a note that says "Brown Santa" when you drop it off or mail it into the office. Thank you!

~Carol Schuelke, Mission Coordinator


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