What is Discipleship?

In a word, Discipelship is education in the principles and practices of Christian living.

More broadly, Discipleship is studying and sharing scripture while learning from and mentoring others through stages of relationship with Christ.

The goal is to keep moving one's individual understanding and everyday actions toward a closer approximation of the ideals Jesus promoted, and the way in which he lived in relation to God and others around him. (1 Corinthians 11:1)

When we practice Discipleship as a community, we are striving to enact a society where justice is broadly experienced, and is founded upon the principles of mercy, love, and grace. (John 13:34)

Deeper Study:

The Online Methodist Group Bible Focused Fellowship

(OMG-BFF) class series is an overview of scripture seeking thematic clues to big questions.

Listed on this page are the "top five" topics selected by group leader, Doug Foster.

Tune in to the full playlist of classes on our church YouTube Channel.

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral

What is the Methodist lens for interpreting scripture?

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral, although not concisely stated by John Wesley, has been compiled and adopted by The United Methodist Church as his approach to faith within the bounds of this formula. 

We will explore the foundation of the Quadrilateral as well as other helpful tools for bible study. 

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The Temptations of Christ

Why were there only three temptations?

And why was it these three specific temptations?

What is meant by "an opportune time" in the scripture recorded in Luke?

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Synoptic Gospel Parallels

The Synoptic Gospels are the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, which contain the same stories in basically the same sequence. 

In this class, we will compare side by side the similarities and differences of these three Gospels.  

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The Rise and Fall of King David

This class explores the biblical stories of two competing alliances developing to succeed David on the Throne. The contenders have both military generals and high priests supporting their cause.

This is a Biblical soap opera meets the Game of Thrones.

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The Letters of Paul

This class looks at the broader context in which Paul was writing his letters. By examining his specific situation at the time he wrote the letter, and considering whether his letter was in response to something he recieved, we gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures written by Paul.

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